Family and Hereditary Care

of 10-16 year olds report cervical, thoracic and lumbar back pain
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Clinical experience, backed by scientific research has shown that a wide variety of childhood problems may respond to chiropractic management including, colic, sleeping problems, ear infections, learning difficulties, asthma, back pain, stomach ache, scoliosis, poor posture and bed wetting. We all know that the childhood years are crucial to our overall development, and if problems are not resolved then, we often carry them through life. The examination and treatment of children with chiropractic is different and therefore the treatment is changed accordingly.

Regular chiropractic care attempts to maximise movement and balance of the joints and muscles, gently and within their present capability, aiming to reduce the advancement of conditions such as wear and tear arthritis, AKA degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis,and thereby improve your health. This helps your body to work naturally at its best and reduces reliance on drugs. The effects of growing old may be minimised and your quality of life enhanced.

There are many spinal conditions that have a basis in genetics, conditions such as some types of arthritis, scoliosis, spine development and poor posture and this is why you are asked about your family history during your first appointment. Chiropractic care can help with these conditions depending on the background.

"My 8 year old daughter had a heavy fall recently and was complaining of pain while running. Ros was determined that she had twisted her hips. After just a single treatment there was no pain and no stopping her!"
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