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Homepage › Pregnancy and Fertility Testimonials

Pregnancy and Fertility Testimonials

  • Pregnancy Related Back Pain
    "After approximately 1 year of unsuccessful physiotherapy and osteopathy for back pain following my first pregnancy I came to see Ros. I can honestly say that from the first treatment the difference I experienced was quite incredible. What had felt like a frozen shoulder was ‘un-locked’ which in turn eased the pain in my middle back and pins and needles sensation in my arm. Subsequent treatments ensured that the pain was almost completely gone and movement was easier. Ros also gave me some very useful advice for maintaining good posture and protecting my back – all very helpful when looking after a small child. I continued to see Ros for maintenance treatment, which I increased during my second pregnancy. I suffered no real problems with my back during the second pregnancy – this was a complete contrast to the first. I have also had minimal problems since and have had complete confidence in Ros as a professional. I would like to thank Ros for the real difference she has made to me and the family and friends I have recommended to her over the last few years”
    Jo, UK
  • Pregnancy and Back Pain
    “Some time ago I recommended Ros to a colleague of mine who was pregnant and was suffering hugely from back ache and was in severe pain and discomfort. On Tuesday of this week I met this colleague, who has since had a beautiful bouncing baby boy and I asked her how she got on with Ros. The answer was: “Ros is amazing! I had been to several doctors and to the hospital and nobody could tell me exactly what was wrong and why I was in so much pain. I was pretty much told I would have to ‘put up with it’, throughout the pregnancy (I was only 5 months pregnant at this stage, and already had to give up work). After just a few moments consultation with Ros she was able to tell me that I had inflammation of the rib cage and that she could help ease the pain. I attended Ros’s Clinic for weekly treatments with fantastic results and enormous pain relief. I was able to have a normal life again. (Well as normal as you can when you are pregnant). Furthermore a couple of weeks before the birth Ros said to me that that was all she could do for me at this stage. I really appreciated her honesty. She could easily have kept me coming for treatments for another couple of weeks – which just proved to me that she really cared about me as a client and was not in it for the money. How refreshing is that! Occasionally, now when I overdo things and my back gets sore I ring Ros and she performs her magic and I’m sorted again.” With a glowing reference like that I certainly will not have any hesitation recommending Ros to anyone in the future.”
    Ita Breagy, Dublin - Alive and Kicking Life and Business Coaching

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