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Back Pain

I have used Ros to sort out my back on a number of occasions, each time the results have been beyond my expectations and instantaneous. Ros is very intuitive and gentle in her approach.
Thanks for all your help
Dave, Dublin 8

Neck and Back Pain

I have always used chiropractors, and was lucky to discover Ros through a network. She is so effective and explains everything so well; she really adds value to the service she provides. If you are looking to relieve any skeletal pain, go to Ros
Helen, Co Wicklow

Neck and Back Pain and Sports Injuries

As a high achiever I used to represent Ireland in hill running. In 1987 I fell heavily while running down a mountain. As a result I have experienced pain in my ankle, knee, back and neck ever since. Over the last ten years I have experienced good, bad and outright dreadful chiropractic treatments. Ros is the BEST by a long shot. She knows the physiology of the body very well, and is very gentle with her treatments. She also works herself out of a job. I first visited her for a course of treatments in 2007. When I revisited her recently I found that it had been a whole year since I had last needed treatment. Some of the positive outcomes have been not just freedom from pain in my knee, ankle and neck, but also I have been able to stop taking the allergy pills I had been on for 10 years, and have noticed a significant increase in my energy levels. I have recommended Ros to many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so without hesitation. My wife got thrown from horses a number of times as a teenager. Periodically she used to have to spend days resting her back. She was very nervous about visiting a chiropractor as she had some bad experiences in the past. Eventually the pain, and my reassurance that Ros knows what she's doing and is very gentle, persuaded her to go to Ros. Since her course of treatment she has consistently maintained her mobility. My 8 year old daughter had a heavy fall recently and was complaining of pain while running. Ros determined that she had twisted her hips. After just a single treatment there was no pain and no stopping her!
Philip, Dublin 16

Neck and Back Pain and Spinal Surgery

Ros is an exceptional Chiropractor. She is both thoroughly professional and personable in her approach. Ros has a great understanding of the human body and knows what it takes to return a person to full health and then to maintain that health. She combines her first-class knowledge with a great practical approach and communicates her treatment plan very well to non medically minded individuals. Ros has a talent to be admired and envied. I cannot recommend her highly enough
John, Co Meath

Back Pain

Over the years, working at a computer has affected my posture and the resultant stress caused muscles to tighten in my back, shoulders and hamstrings. I was not fully aware of this until I attended Dr. Ros Drake. After taking a full client history, Ros identified particular stress-related problems and began to address each of the problems in a way that ensured the results would hold. In addition, the muscle relaxation exercises that she recommended were extremely helpful in releasing muscle tension. In addition to being highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable, Ros exhibits an extremely high degree of professionalism in her practice whilst maintaining a caring and compassionate relationship with all of her clients. I cannot recommend Ros highly enough
Paul, Stillorgan, Co Dublin

Back Pain

I am aware that Chiropractic has a difficult reputation. However, with the knowledgeable, personal and sincere approach, I knew that I was well taken care of in Ros' capable hands. I would recommend here any time as a fantastic representative of this profession
Robert, Malahide, Co Dublin

Neck and Back Pain and Sacro-iliac Joint Pain

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Ros Drake to you if you have back pain or an injury, recent or old that is giving you pain or discomfort. I have had chiropractic treatment in the UK for many years and I was delighted to find Ros when I moved to Dublin. She is knowledgeable and caring and gets great results. Ros also works with pregnant Mums and babies and is an expert in this field. I would recommend you to get a back check to make sure you are in good shape
Sarah, Stillorgan, Co Dublin - Keen Horse-rider

Back Pain - Spinal Surgery

I have had the great opportunity to use the services of Drake Chiropractic on many occasions since July 2008. Having experienced a chronic back problem for the past 20 years which resulted in 6 major spine surgeries, I would consider myself an expert in back treatment and back pain. Having had to enlist the services of chiropractors in 4 different countries I have absolutely no doubt that Dr Ros Drake is an expert in her field. Both her knowledge and her professional manner I have found to be exemplary and her willingness to go the extra mile for a patient in need has been proven to me personally on numerous occasions. I would recommend Ros in an instant to anyone who has had the misfortune to require the services of a chiropractor. If they have the opportunity to be treated by Ros they should consider themselves very fortunate
Fiona, Sandyford, Co Dublin

Back Pain

I attended the services of Drake Chiropractic over the past 3 weeks – I have to say that I am delighted with the result. My back has been sore for the past 6 months and although not life threatening, it was quite uncomfortable when I was driving, sitting at home and most importantly playing golf. Ros is not only the best looking chiropractor in Ireland but she is also very good at her job. I must say that I didn’t know what to expect when going to a chiropractor but Ros’ professionalism quickly put me at my ease. She carefully listened to my complaints and asked questions and as a result she quickly made her diagnosis. She then explained what she was going to do and why. After a few manipulations and a good few cracking sounds it was all done. She gave me some exercises and I was on my way. It really took to the second day after the treatment before I noticed the difference. Not only had the pain gone but I felt much more flexible when in the gym. But the biggest benefit has been to my golf game – I played the best golf I have ever played the weekend after my treatment. I put that down to squarely to Ros’ treatment.
I had in all 3 sessions with her and feel so much better than before and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone I hear that has any back pain. Well done Ros and best of luck with developing your practice
John, Stillorgan, Co Dublin - Keen Golfer

Neck and Thoracic Pain

Dear Ros
As you know I had reason over the past few months to visit you on a number of occasions in relation to the pain that I had been experiencing across my shoulder blades and in my neck. I have to express that at every visit I found you delivered an extremely professional service. You were knowledgeable in the subject matter and could articulate that into detail that was easily understood by me as to what could be wrong physically and the methods to speed my recovery.
I also found the exercise sheet that was specific to my problem very useful and it enabled me to speed up my rehabilitation separately to visiting your practice.
I would recommend your service to anyone who is experiencing back pains or general pains either muscular or within their joints. I will also be visiting in advance of my next ski trip as I found that this pro-active exercise ensured I had no stiffness in my shoulders at all over my ski holiday
Trevor, Dublin 16 - Keen Skier

Elbow Pain

I recently had cause to visit Dr Ros Drake in relation to a continuous pain in my elbow. I met with Ros having filled in a very detailed medical history and a full and thorough examination followed. The problem was diagnosed and a treatment plan was recommended. I found Ros most professional and an extremely courteous person to deal with. I will happily recommend Dr Ros Drake to all my family and friends
Charlie, Naas, Co Kildare

Neck and Back Pain

I would like to say a big thank you for your help these last few months and for the future. I had been suffering with severe back pain over the last 12 months when sleeping at night. It had got so bad that I could not sleep longer than 3-4 hours without taking pain killers. This all had a knock on affect with my daily life – tiredness, discomfort and poor lifestyle.
After meeting you through BNI and visiting the clinic I realised you had a very different approach to that of my previous chiropractor and my faith in the treatment has been restored by your modern, customer focused approach.
Over the last few months with the treatment you have been providing and the excellent customer service in explaining what it is you are doing and why, my back has been improving. With regular nights pain free I feel like I am getting control back over my life.

I will more than happily recommend you to my friends and anyone I encounter with back or neck problems
Dawn, UK

Neck and Back Pain

I had the occasion to require the services of Dr Ros Drake. Having required and experienced similar treatment at various times over the last 30 years I was impressed by the degree of professionalism, attention to detail, ease of communication, thoroughness, sensitivity and care demonstrated by Ros. Her level of care far surpasses the other practitioners I have experienced over the years, many of whom I would hold in high regard. Ros is a credit to her profession and in my opinion has set new standards for others in her profession to attain. All this is delivered with her natural cheerfulness, self confidence and good humour
Martin, Dublin 14

Back Pain

One Friday morning after a few weeks of a dull ache in my lower back I met Ros at a BNI meeting. After my first treatment I was delighted to walk out of the clinic both pain and worry free. Having experienced a prolapsed disc years ago I have had chiropractic treatment in many places but I find the way Ros works to be exceptional. She combines different kinds of treatments very effectively; she helpfully gives advice on exercises and things to do to compliment her treatments. What also makes her really different, is the way she gives you time and explains everything in a way so that it all makes sense. This takes the worry and any mystery away and certainly leaves me feeling more in control of my health and not a victim of back ache or stiffness. I would recommend Ros to anyone with any kind of back or hip pain or stiffness
Fiona, UK

Pregnancy Related Back Pain

After approximately 1 year of unsuccessful physiotherapy and osteopathy for back pain following my first pregnancy I came to see Ros. I can honestly say that from the first treatment the difference I experienced was quite incredible. What had felt like a frozen shoulder was ‘un-locked’ which in turn eased the pain in my middle back and pins and needles sensation in my arm. Subsequent treatments ensured that the pain was almost completely gone and movement was easier. Ros also gave me some very useful advice for maintaining good posture and protecting my back – all very helpful when looking after a small child.

I continued to see Ros for maintenance treatment, which I increased during my second pregnancy. I suffered no real problems with my back during the second pregnancy – this was a complete contrast to the first. I have also had minimal problems since and have had complete confidence in Ros as a professional. I would like to thank Ros for the real difference she has made to me and the family and friends I have recommended to her over the last few years
Jo, UK

Back Injury and Work Accident

It was the last quarter of 2005, that I had the good fortune to first meet Dr. Ros Drake.
It was March 2006 when she first treated me. I cannot speak highly enough of this special and highly talented therapist. I had previously been injured at work and had been plagued with back injury. Only with Ros's kind and gentle treatments did I start to make headway with recovery, also her knowledge, and deep understanding of the workings of the mind, by this I have not only benefited from the relief of back-pain, but I am emotionally stronger.
Ros's gentle temperament and kind personality really makes you feel at ease when receiving treatment in the clinic.
Her patient record keeping and follow-up aftercare is the best I've ever known. I have never had a better practitioner and I am very unlikely to meet another doctor like Ros
Leo Morgan, Co Dublin

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Some time ago I recommended Ros to a colleague of mine who was pregnant and was suffering hugely from back ache and was in severe pain and discomfort.
On Tuesday of this week I met this colleague, who has since had a beautiful bouncing baby boy and I asked her how she got on with Ros.
The answer was: “Ros is amazing! I had been to several doctors and to the hospital and nobody could tell me exactly what was wrong and why I was in so much pain. I was pretty much told I would have to ‘put up with it’, throughout the pregnancy (I was only 5 months pregnant at this stage, and already had to give up work). After just a few moments consultation with Ros she was able to tell me that I had inflammation of the rib cage and that she could help ease the pain. I attended Ros’s Clinic for weekly treatments with fantastic results and enormous pain relief. I was able to have a normal life again. (Well as normal as you can when you are pregnant).
Furthermore a couple of weeks before the birth Ros said to me that that was all she could do for me at this stage. I really appreciated her honesty. She could easily have kept me coming for treatments for another couple of weeks – which just proved to me that she really cared about me as a client and was not in it for the money. How refreshing is that!
Occasionally, now when I overdo things and my back gets sore I ring Ros and she performs her magic and I’m sorted again.”
With a glowing reference like that I certainly will not have any hesitation recommending Ros to anyone in the future.
Ita Breagy, Dublin - Alive and Kicking Life and Business Coaching

Back Pain

I have been a patient of Ros' for some time now. Having suffered chronic pain for several years in my lower back I was treated by Ros who quickly identified the problem and treated me successsfully. Ros provides a first class service and takes a genuine interest in each patient as an individual - her relationship with each patient really matters! A professional through and through, I would recommend Ros without hesitation
Lisa Weston, Co Dublin

Neck and Back Pain from Car Accident
October 2010

Since I was involved in a car crash last October I had difficulty with my neck and back. I had intense aches up and down my back which often prevented me sleeping. I work as a receptionist primarily standing and the pressure on my back got so bad at times I often thought I would have to cut back my hours as it was just too uncomfortable. However after a couple of sessions with Ros I felt a huge improvement and am now much more comfortable in my job and also find it much easier to relax in the evening. I feel like I have much more mobility in my neck also as it was often very stiff. I am thankful that I went to Ros when I did as I feel 100% better for it now.
Lynsey, Dublin 24

Child’s Injury – Groin Strain, Hamstring Tightness and Back and Neck Injury

Ross Canning (aged 15 at the time) and going through a rapid growth spurt combined with an intense hockey season experienced a series of injuries: including groin strain, hamstring tightness, back and neck stiffness. Orthotics helped somewhat but after being picked for the Irish U16 Hockey Team there was an increase in his training schedule and his injuries continued to reoccur. We tried several sessions with Physiotherapy and whilst this helped it was not the solution to these niggling injuries.

After a consultation and treatment from Ros Drake he immediately felt better and started to run more freely, he continued a series of treatments and has recovered completely. He has subsequently played for Three Rock Rovers 1st XI getting to the Irish Senior Cup Semi finals- he was on the TRR Indoor side who were Irish Champions and subsequently represented Ireland in the European Club Championships. This year (July 2010) he played for the Irish U16 in the European Championships in Barcelona. Through this intense amount of hockey he has remained injury free. The most significant part of this is that he now recognises when his back is out and immediately goes to Ros who puts him straight.

We have never looked back since Ros starting treating Ross and have recommended here to other parents of children who suffer from strains etc.

Good Luck with the practice and Thank you.
Ross Canning – Hockey Player, Co Dublin

3rd Pregnancy
March 2013

While pregnant with my third child, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back area and thighs. This was not something that I had experienced during my previous pregnancies and it was proving difficult to get any significant pain relief.

Following a friends recommendation I contacted Dr. Ros Drake, Chiropractor. From our very first phone conversation, Ros was sympathetic and understanding. She had been working for many years with expectant mums and was confident that she could help.

Prior to my first appointment, Ros emailed me a pregnancy information pack and although it was my third baby - I found lots of helpful techniques for relieving my back pain and combating the dreaded heart burn. Once I began the Chiropractor sessions with Ros the benefits were immediate, I could really feel the difference. As a patient of Ros' my mind was totally put at ease, this allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy and gave me confidence for the "big day"...

I am very appreciative and thankful to Ros for the care she provided to me during my pregnancy.

She was a pleasure to work with and I can't recommend her enough.
Richelle, D17

Back pain in a cyclist
February 2013

As a cyclist and having suffered with back problems for a long time which impeded my ability to compete in races or complete long distance events I tried chiropractic somewhat as a last resort. To say that the turnaround in the strength and flexibility of my back is significant would be something of an understatement. Embracing chiropractic and making it part of my training program has made a vast improvement in both my ability to compete and my ultimate enjoyment of cycling. Having recently completed a charity event over a distance of 450km over 2 days is a direct testament to the care and attention of Ros at Drake Chiropractic and her understanding of her patients and their needs and goals. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ros to anyone.
Ken - keen cyclist, D16

10 years of back, neck and shoulder pain
September 2012

I have experienced problems with my back neck and shoulders for almost 10 yrs now. In my job and with my life style it is particularly important for me to be mobile and as pain free is possible.

I have always been slow to get help for it. I finally bit the bullet and went to Ros for help. She was amazing, going through everything with me and explaining it until I was happy. After just one treatment I was able to notice a difference with being able to move my neck in particular with more ease.

I found the whole experience at the practice to be extremely professional and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ros to friends and colleagues
Cathrina - member of St Mary's RFC and Operations Executive at Irish Tag Rugby Association., D12

Neck Pain
August 2012

I received treatment from you for my neck which was extremely stiff on the morning of a match. After visiting your practice I was able to move my neck much easier and as a result was able to go ahead and play my match that day without any discomfort.

I found the whole experience at the practice to be extremely professional and felt instantly at ease when I arrived there"

Stephen - plays Centre at St Mary's RFC 1st XV , D16

Rugby induced muscle strains
January 2012

Since 2005 I have experienced back and pelvic problems resulting in countless muscle tears/strains in my legs. This has constantly impeded my rugby playing career. However, I now see Ros once a month which has allowed me to be available for every game this season. I would strongly recommend this approach to any athletes experiencing chronic muscle pain/injuries.
Philip Brophy - Outhalf at St Mary's RFC 1st XV, Dublin

Pregnancy back pain
May 2012

I first went to Ros after struggling with back pain for years on end, on and off. It got to the stage where getting out of bed was proving difficult! After a few sessions, the pain had resolved completely. When I got pregnant a few years later I started having problems again and thought of Ros. It was great to have someone who could do some gentle and safe manipulations throughout the pregnancy and keep me on track. I would highly recommend anyone planning on a pregnancy or in the early stages of pregnancy to pay Ros a visit - a little bit of time and effort to keep yourself in check and pain free is definitely the way to go!
Margaret, D18

Pregnancy back pain
June 2013

I attended Drake Chiropractic when I was 25 weeks pregnant. I was finding it painful to walk and knew something had to be done immediately, as my quality of life was suffering. I went for a consultation with Dr Hickey who quickly diagnosed that my pelvis had become misaligned due to the pregnancy. Fortunately as I had gone to Drake Chiropractic as soon as I noticed my problem, she was positive that something could be done. Dr Hickey came up with a plan for my treatment, and after a few sessions I was definitely noticing the difference. And after 4-6 sessions with her, I was able to resume my normal lifestyle. I could go out walking again and I returned to my pregnancy yoga classes. A far cry from when I initially attended and was having problems walking at all.
Thanks for helping me out!
Emma, Sandyford

Pregnancy back pain
February 2013

I heard about Ros and her practice from my husband. I decided to go to her to alleviate pregnancy back pains. I found the service excellent and always friendly. As Ros was pregnant the same time as me, we always had a good chat about how things were going before each session. I found the treatments a great help in my preparation for labour and it loosened up my back muscles which helped with the pain. She also suggested that I do some pregnancy yoga, which I did for about 12 weeks and found it a great way to relax before the arrival of our little boy
Ailish, Leopardstown, D18

Low back pain and back tension
October 2013

As a strength & conditioning coach, I have a fair understanding of the human body and the difference between pain and comfort. Exercising 4-6 times per week coupled with my posture has caused muscles to tighten around my upper back and neck. At times this tension has been extremely uncomfortable and cost me a fair few sleepnes nights.

After Ros assessed me on my first visit, she was able to dig a little deeper into my injury history, taking into account my previous years of playing rugby and immediately began working on relieving tension in my upper back and neck.
Along with the maintenance exercises that Ros prescribes me, I visit her every 4-6 weeks to maintain my upper back and neck alignment which continues to give me great relief.

In addition to being highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable, Ros exhibits an extremely high degree of professionalism in her practice whilst maintaining a caring and compassionate relationship with her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Sami Dowling, Leinster Rugby, Leinster Rubgy

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“A patient is the most important visitor to our premises he is not dependent on us we care dependent on him he is not an interruption to our work he is the purpose of it he is not an outsider to our business he is part of it we are not doing him a favour by serving him he is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

“Health is not merely the absence of disease but rather a state of harmony within oneself at every level - physically, emotionally and chemically.”

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