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Family Hereditary Testimonials

Child’s Injury
My 8 year old daughter had a heavy fall recently and was complaining of pain while running. Ros was determined that she had twisted her hips. After just a single treatment there was no pain and no stopping her!”
Philip, Dublin 16

Child’s Scoliosis and Frequent Ear Infections
"My children and I had been undergoing regular chiropractic care for several years, so when we moved to Dublin it was very important to me to find an experienced chiropractor for the whole family. Dr Ros Drake has been wonderful, continuing the ongoing chiropractic care to maintain our spinal and neurological well-being. For my older son the monthly appointments ensure that his tendency towards scoliosis is kept to a minimum and for my younger son the regular adjustments have successfully kept him from suffering from frequent ear infections which he is prone to. We had tried so many other things and when he was about 3 a friend suggested chiropractic care to help with the ear infections. I was happy to try that, hoping to avoid the surgically implanted tubes that really only treat the symptoms of ear infections and not the cause. Dr. Ros is kind and gentle with the children and her treatments are very effective, we couldn't be more pleased and both my boys look forward to our visit to her office every month!"
Franziska, Co Dublin

Child’s Injury – Groin Strain, Hamstring Tightness and Back and Neck Injury
Ross Canning (aged 15 at the time) and going through a rapid growth spurt combined with an intense hockey season experienced a series of injuries: including groin strain, hamstring tightness, back and neck stiffness.  Orthotics helped somewhat but after being picked for the Irish U16 Hockey Team there was an increase in his training schedule and his injuries continued to reoccur.  We tried several sessions with Physiotherapy and whilst this helped it was not the solution to these niggling injuries.

After a consultation and treatment from Ros Drake he immediately felt better and started to run more freely, he continued a series of treatments and has recovered completely.  He has subsequently played for Three Rock Rovers 1st XI getting to the Irish Senior Cup Semi finals- he was on the TRR Indoor side who were Irish Champions and subsequently represented Ireland in the European Club Championships. This year (July 2010) he played for the Irish U16 in the European Championships in Barcelona. Through this intense amount of hockey he has remained injury free. The most significant part of this is that he now recognises when his back is out and immediately goes to Ros who puts him straight.

We have never looked back since Ros starting treating Ross and have recommended here to other parents of children who suffer from strains etc.
The Canning Family, Co Dublin

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