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Homepage › Car accidents and how Drake Chiropractic can help

Car accidents and how Drake Chiropractic can help


The severity of car accidents obviously varies from the very minor with no pain or symptoms experienced afterwards to major trauma requiring hospitalisation. Even for those involved in the very minor accidents it would be prudent to have a chiropractic assessment as soon after as possible to make sure there are no spinal effects. For those that require hospital treatment it is advised that you follow the medical treatment plan and then go and see a chiropractor. Obviously for those with broken bones the chiropractic treatment would have to be modified and at times wait until the break has fully healed. I have treated numerous patients involved in car accidents ranging from the minor to the very severe and they have benefited from regular chiropractic treatment.

Drake Chiropractic can help you to return to as full function as possible obviously depending on the extent of your injuries. In addition to this I can assist you with providing a chiropractic medical report for submission to your solicitor and if need be I can also recommend a suitable solicitor as well.

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